Thousands protest in Turkey against plans to kill stray dogs

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EU elections: more than 1,5 million votes for the animals!

During the European elections of June 2024, the six parties of Animal Politics EU together received 1.527.564 votes. Both the Dutch Partij voor de Dieren and the German Partei Mensch Umwelt Tierschutz won a seat and will respectively be represented by Anja Hazekamp and Sebastian Everding. We are very thankful for everyone who voted for the billions of voiceless animals all over Europe. ...

A successful achie­vement: The Dutch House of Repre­sen­ta­tives aims to end eyestalk ablation in shrimp

Thanks to a proposal put forward by the Party for the Animals and approved by the House of Representatives, the Dutch government will be pushing for a European import ban on shrimps whose eyes have been cut off without the use of an anaesthetic. The Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality will also be calling on Dutch supermarkets to stop selling these mistreated shrimps. Party for Anima...

Animals can’t vote, but you can!

This week - from 6 to 9 June - more than 400 million citizens across 27 countries can vote for the European Parliament. The EU has a big influence on your life, but also on the lives of many billions of animals. In order to keep our planet livable for current and future generations, we must drastically change our interactions with other animals. That’s why parties from the Netherlands, Ger...